Son of Lord Cock

I have studied the Gay Egyptian God, Seth, and have aligned and mirrored my life like his. Married and engaging in sexual activities with males. Like Seth, I also have impotent testicles and have unable to have a child. I similarly feel that he like myself became addicted to the fluids of males, precum, cum and piss by the pleasuring of males to receive these liquids.

My homoerotics became highly driven by the exploration of my sexuality. Frequent and persistent homosexual encounters affirmed my innate homosexuality and spiritual choice. I then became a homosexual who eagerly and frequently indulges and endorsed, my appetite for sexual gratification and the pleasuring of Cock.

My sexual encounters with these horny men were confident and masculine, intimately bonding with these men and their sexual power over me. Homosexual sex became a ceremony, recognition, and indulgence of his alpha and my beta masculinity. I am now a true bottom, with two holes to be used for the horny cocks of alpha males.

I look at alphas in awe, pleasure, and admiration and hope they desire a primal, animal, and masculine connection with me. My libido is my animalistic drive to satisfy primordial sexual desires and the bliss I experience when those needs are taken care of by my submission to them.

I seek out God’s Cock, this is what I crave, and need. Lord Cock is he who drives my uncontrolled lust, which turns you into a whore. I seek to be taken by alphas as their ”whore.” Swiftly on my knees to worship their cock and worship Cock! I seek to be God’s Beloved in task to worship Cock anointed with His Magnificence, it is a great task, but the reward is greater. I trust Him and have become a two-hole male fluid receptacle.

My Convincing Sexuality

I met my first gay lover by being introduced to him by a mutual friend. From our first kiss, I was “fully on, sexually,” with the most intense emotions orgasms I’ve ever had with anyone which is a long way from never having an orgasm with a woman through penetrative sex.

I had met many gay friends through my interests and didn’t see myself as a gay man, but I clearly favored being with him. I began falling in love with him, a man, like no other love I had experienced. After revealing myself with him and for the first time I was able to be comfortable being vulnerable to him and found myself falling in love with him. We had lots in common, finally realizing I didn’t have that with a woman. Having sex with him was the most pleasurable sex I had ever experienced. From the start of the relationship, I felt completely at ease immediately defining myself as gay. Before I would define myself as bisexual-gay, but that was the defining moment that I made a full transition embracing my singular gay identity . . .

I’m a late-blooming homosexual and have found internal happiness as a gay male. The only thing I regret now is that my not embracing my innate homosexuality earlier when I was younger and being a gold-star gay. I’ve been in several gay relationships with gay men since and have found a contentment that I never experienced in other relationships.